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The African vision is…Accommodate all development partners in order to build together a stable and fair society, less dependant on oil resources
Published by: H.E. President President Dos Santos
On: 01-11-12

As we are about to begin this new term, the top priority of our Government is to consolidate our political stability through the promotion of social justice and equal opportunities for all. These objectives go hand in hand with an improved human development and an improved national culture of discipline.

They are even in line with promotion of gender equality, and a greater rigor in observance of the principles of good governance and transparency in the management ofpublic goods.

To achieve the target that we have set for ourselves, we will maintain a constant dialogue with the various social partners and the society at large in order to define together the appropriate development policies for our country. A particular attention will be awarded to dialogue with the youth. We need to find ways to get our youth involved and to have them contributing through their dynamism, their enthusiasm and their creativity in solving problems that affect our society. We aim, on the one hand, to give a clear signal that we shall combat anybody that feels untouchable and above the law, and, on the other hand, ensuring access to legal protections to our citizens, businesses and democratic Institutions.

In this regard, record shows that the Angolan economy has experienced on average, over the recent years a continuous growth rate of about 9.2%, while the non-oil sector grew on average at a rate of 12%. These levels of growth are the result of the effectiveness of the measures implemented by the Executive to stabilise the macroeconomic and fiscal indicators as well as the exchange rate of our currency. We hope to redouble our efforts for this new term and sustain our macroeconomic stability, by closely monitoring trisk of inflation in our country and live within our means to avoid budget deficits and waste of resources. In 2013, we complete our first national census. This will be an important milestone for us. It will allow us to not only know how many we are but also how we live. This process will also empower us with a complete and thorough knowledge of our country by putting at our disposal reliable data and information for policies drafting. Our Government programs will be adjusted to nurture growth by capitalising on the country’s resources. We will encourage both foreign as well as local investment by providing them the necessary backing for their ventures whilst taking into account the risk assessments and ratings of international agencies.

This will require a reinforcement of the capacity to fund newly created ventures of our financial instruments, namely the Investment Fund, the Promotional Fund for Venture Capitalisation, and the Angolan Development Bank (ADB). The financial market will be an important tool to promote the business sector in the coming years. It should be an additional source of financing to the economy and an alternative to traditional credit banking. Our priorities in this area will focus on non-oil economy, giving a greater role to mining, housing, agriculture, manufacturing, procurement, services and business competition likely to lead to the reduction of cost for consumers.

We will thus continue to transfer fiscal resources from non-renewable resources to projects of sustainable development such as availing energy, food and water to all. We will also look into any other strategic investment that may contribute to the industrialisation of the country. Our purpose is to expand the domestic market, integrate it and diversify the national production base, giving it a logistical support with distribution channels and efficient operations and transport systems. In order to improve our country’s appeal as a conducive business destination we will continue to give priority to the process of streamlining and simplifying the administrative and business environment.

Experience has taught us that, if we improve the performance of our Institutions, reform our policies and our methods of production; the country grows faster and obtains high returns on investment. This is reflected in the prosperity of businesses and the tax revenue which can be in turn redistributed better.

PRESIDENT Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
Extract from the Inauguration Speech of 2012

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